Creation of the world: the real story

The creation of the world

Chapter 1 Paradise-like happiness in the beginning

One dot of light was the world, but it grew fast. Life was hastening to begin. Within a few minutes the little dot of light had become a large ball. It looked a bit like a football; it was a ball with twenty face, all made out of all the purest and brightest light, that you have ever seen. The movement deplaced itself from the ball itself to its inside. A soft little nest was formed there, where two little hearts would precisely fit inside. Slowly the two hearts were formed. Days passed until it could be seen. Two tiny little hearts that looked just like the ball itself: a tiny miniball with twenty tiny little faces. Those hearts weren’t a pomp, like the heart as we know it today. No this was the pure heart as it was created a long time ago by life itself.

The little hearts grew and grew. After three weeks they had grown into two tiny little babies; a boy and a girl, who lay asleep in each other’s arms. They grew and grew, until they woke up one day, a smile on their little faces. They stayed inside the ball, which continued growing all around them. The ball was a heart too: the heart of the world and it was the world itself. The world was a heart that overflew with love.

The boy grabbed the girls’ hands as they stood up to go playing. They went to explore the ball and played hide-and-seek. After that they played tag. Then they played crossing over and again hide-and-seek. They made a flower and looked at it. And they made another flower! Next they made a plant and another plant. I don’t know exactly what their names would be today, but the first flower was absolutely a rose. Then a snow bell. After all this they made a tree and that was an olive tree. Beautiful it was with fierce, solid branches and it was full of delicious, sweet olives. They ate some and deided to make more fruits. It was the turn of strawberries and cherries. Then they climbed into the tree to rest a little while and to enjoy their makings. They took along a handful of fruits they slowly nibbled. Saraswati earnestly looked at her boyfriend. “I will call you Brahman”, she solemnly declared, “The light of the world my little heart”. A kiss on her cheek was her reward and then it was Brahman’s turn to really look wel at his little girlfriend. “Then I will call you Saraswati”, he decided after having thought a little while, “My beloved, wise lady”. Saraswati threw a sweet look at him and then said, thinking: “Shouldn’t we give a name to the world too? What do you think, Brahman?”. Brahman frowned, sat up well and carefully looked around him. “Good idea”, he said approvingly. “What do you think of Hèdee? The place of love and oneness”. Saraswati nodded approvingly with the fantastic idea and fell in sleep for a little while in the new world.

‘Tagged ye!”, said Brahman and he ran away fast. Saraswati jumped up, ran after him and a bit later she tagged him. “Now it’s your turn!’, she laughed, climbing into a tree. When she arrived in the top of it, she flew right through the air to the next tree. Brahman dived upon her and it did last some time before he had tagged her. That was exciting if you went flying in the game! Anywhere they landed, they made flowers, trees and plants. When it was Saraswati’s turn, she suddenly saw Brahmans everywhere she looked. She burst out laughing and sent a Saraswati to each Brahman. Well, if you’re made of light, then you can be at more places simultaneously … that way you can be at all parties at the same time.

In the meantime they grew up and they had the thought to build a house to live in. They tried out many ideas and finally they decided to build some kind of a candy cottage with a thatched roof and large windows. The world was their garden and now they started making nut trees as well. They didn’t eat the nuts. They only ate fruit and vegetables. The nuts were used to decorate their cottage. Trees flowered throughout the year, because it was always nice and warm everywhere. No cold, no heat, just a fine temperature. The idea to make ice and snow came much later and they could also do so without cold.

One day when the two of them were sitting their back against a wallnut tree, each to a side of it, Brahman suddenly had an idea. He made a pair of squirrels. A male and a female that looked the them with their little intelligent eyes and then whizzed into the tree. Saraswati clapped her hands as much as she loved it. Together they watched the squirrels disappear, eating the wallnuts. This is great, she thought, I will make something too. And she made a pair of birds. Albatrosses they were and distinguishedly they hovered away, after studiously having recorded their creators with their merry glimmering round eyes. For hours Brahman and Saraswati kept watching the animals. Then they disappeared into their cottage, hand in hand. They dropped onto the large, soft couch and nicely kissed each other. A feeling of being in love cae over them and they started caressing and kissing each other. The kisses became longer and deeper and they made love for the very first time in the world. This love would last forever. They would always stay in love as they were now. In that time a woman wouldn’t become pregnant by sexual love and neither was it about having an orgasm. Making love was celebrating pure love between and man and a woman. Children were born out of the heart of a woman and in order to have them, the expectant parents sat on each other’s lap. They let their love and their with to have children flow. Then their hearts would lighten up and two tiny little hearts would appear within the mother’s heart … That way all would start over and over again.

Chapter 2 An emerging world

“Deliamma!”, Saraswati called from the doorframe. “Padheram is already inside. Are you coming to eat?” She had made a delicious fruit sorbet and Brahman was waiting at the table. Deliamma was an adventurous girl who put down trees everywhere and next climbed into them, all the way to the top. Then she would float through the air to the next tree, Padheram right behind her. When they would land on the ground, he would make a couple of animals. He had made frogs and a pond gleaming water with beautiful, coloured fish inside. You could often find them there, happily leaning against one of Deliamma’s elder trees, watching the fish. Sometimes you would find them hanging upside down in a tree looking at the world from upside down. These two kids were never boring. They had the most fun ideas ever.

Brahman had made the softest and greenest moss to lay on the ground. Then Saraswati had made grass to play football on, after Brahman had invented the football game. They also played hoverball: a kind of handball and soccer at the same time, in which game you were also allowed to hover. You were not allowed to really fly, because that was in yet another game. Brahman sometimes went into the forests for hours to watch the birds and the other animals that lived there. He would sit down on a boulder that hang above a meandering stream and would listen to the lapping water underneath him. How happy he was! He live in that wonderful Hèdee, the world of love and oneness or better the world with the most loving woman ever and the coolest children. They were happy, cheerful, they had fun and enjoyed everything they did. Sometimes he even stayed away for days to be able to totally feel his happiness. Afterwards he would return to Saraswati and their two kids full of splendid ideas. Padheram would sometimes walk a piece with him en then they would silently walk for hours next to each other, pointing at squirrels, deer, rabbits and cheerfully coloured, jumping around frogs. They could caress all the animals, but they didn’t always want that. They admired the beautiful flowers and smelled them. Later Padheram would go back home to play with Deliamma.

Brahman had given a weaving loom as a gift to Saraswati, who would weave beautiful carpets on it. They hung them on the walls or layed them on the floor, but there were also carpets that you could fly on. You would lay them outside on the moss and then you’d sit on them. “Hoss!”, you’d shout to the carpet and then it would go up into the sky. That way you could watch or adapt the world in progress from a relaxed position, without having to fly by yourself. Deliamma was a great fan of those flying carpets and loved going out on one of them on her own. There were vast hills, on which not yet everything had been planted. That was not necessary, because anyone could make new things. Later generations would also be able to let their imagination work upon the world to make it even greater. The trees scented and flowered beyond any imagination and everywhere you could find cherry trees, olive trees, appletrees, almond trees and many more fabulous trees proud with their powerful trunk and twisting branches. Moss, grass and thyme grew on the bottom. Some flowers were in bright colours, others more in pastel shades. There were pieces of nature where everything was multicoloured and other parts where it was just calm green with brown. Little streams and rivers flowed through the garden and there were little lakes with crystal clear water. Forests with winding paths, high trees, animals and small wooden bridges over the streams. Protruding rocks that served as viewpoints, all the way up on a hill, where you could watch kilometers away and beaches at the edge of the water to lazily lay down or to make a sand castle. No-one would ever be bored, no-one was ever cranky or angry and feuds didn’t exist. Everyone was happy, cheerful and felt great and everyone had great ideas to make life even nicer.

Brahman and Saraswati wanted to have more children, so that everyone would be even happier. They sat close to each other, Saraswati on Brahman’s lap and let their love flow freely. Two tiny hearts were formed in her heart and life started over again. Three months later the two babies werd born. Agostam and Aramaniamma were their names and they were as cute as possible. Padheram and Deliamma would walk around with the two little babies and later the four children played a lot together or sometimes apart. Agostam and Aramaniamma were two happy and lively children. They were inventive and ever-smiling, always enjoying life to the fullest. Aramaniamma made thick ship’s ropes that she would stretch between trees or rocks. She would walk over them like an acrobat and was totally satisfied when se made it. In the air she would jump and she made saltos in the air. Agostam loved swimming and made flippers, so that he could swim real fast. Aramaniamma would check his time and dived with him into the water to fool around there. Together they made the first swing ever and they had big fun. Their laughter was audible kilometers away.

Hoofdstuk 3 The first marriage



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