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During the last 8 years I have, as you possibly know, kept myself busy with inner work. Quite a lot of demons needed to be slain and so I trained myself in martial arts. Not physical, but but spiritual martial arts. I learned how to fight for my right and for the rights of my beloved fellow people.

That part of the fight for life has ended by now and it’s finally time to reach the people. The truth has to come from the United States of America, just like all new things do.

So this blog will be written only in English from now on and I made a newsletter tool in order to also be able to write in Dutch, without creating a mess. You can follow the newsletters through email. Subscribing is done by filling in the tool on your right side (name and email address).

Furthermore I will hold lectures and teach life lessons through the internet. I will announce them by then. For the time being consultations are still possible.

At last I find this continuation very scary. I know what needs to be done and where I need to go, but I have always been forced to live within limitations. Had to make myself small, to hide myself and to deal with humiliation. And now all of a sudden my way goes straight up and even in English. A language in which I can express myself, but not with the same ease as in Greek, French or Dutch. On the other hand many people managed to do this, so I will make it as well. But I sure have a knot in my stomach.


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